Naps and A Strength Challenge

Yesterday morning I woke up and ran before work and while it is usually/always amazing when I can get miles in before I leave, it means I wake up at 4:55am and start crashing by um, 10am. I was so so so tired by the time I got home and while I did have aerial to look forward to I just wanted to curl up and call it a day. Then as I was reading some blogs I found this video and could not stop laughing. I was not even looking for anything related to sleep:

I have now found my new favorite youtube channel. And yes, Cup Of Jo is right. He is adorable. 

Now for a recap of Aerial from last night!

I was officially in my official real class last night with 4 other girls (women actually because they were all tough and amazing) and my coach is one I have had before. We started with a 10-15 minute group warm-up with other classes and then moved into our own section. Climbs on rope and fabric, and knee beats and hollow/arch body holds on trap. We went through about 4-5 rounds of moves that will take me most of today to remember. There were just a couple that I hadn't done before that I will need to be youtubing this week to try and wrap my brain around. The one thing we did do that was super hard was starting to straddle climb. Straddle up to opposite-side knee hook, swim the outside arm out to grab the rope behind your head, punch it forward creating a straight line with the rope, keeping the same-side leg straight and knees together this whole time so you can then swing that straight leg down and turn yourself upright again. This guy doesn't swim his arm back around like we did in class, but the same general idea. Plus muscles. 

We went over other moves to, but I want really want to internalize this one this week. There is another we attempted on the silks that included some twisting and crossing the silks behind your back, but I'm going to have to do some better internet sleuthing to find an example to study. Expect some better pictures soon!

By the last round last night I couldn't even straddle up anymore after a climb. I wish there was some way to practice this outside of the gym during the week, but I think I can really just work on my hollow and arch body holds, v-ups, and pull-ups during the week to help with that for right now. So that is my challenge. Ugh, I knew this blog would come in handy for something annoying like this. I am officially daring myself to do:

25 V-Ups

25 Push-Ups

 10 Pull-ups (assisted after I can't do anymore on my own), and

20 arch/hollow bodies

at least 4 times before my next circus class on Tuesday. 

I'm already regretting this. And with that you can see how little structure I have with my post-run core and strength training. I just go where the wind and my mood take me and apparently that is not enough considering I could barely use my arms to wash my face after class last night they were so tired. 

What are your favorite bodyweight exercises?

Do you need to write things down to do them or can you do it just by thinking about it? Tell me all of your strategies.