This Day Two Years Ago

There was officially a schedule change this week, it moved from Mon to Tues night and thank god because that football game last night took all of my focus. I was almost worked up enough to hop on the treadmill after, but switched it to this morning. I did not plan on being that stressed out during the game but to recuperate I came home and slept immediately. It helped with the early treadmill wakeup this morning. 


10/6: 3.06 miles, 8:59 avg pace.

I was happy to get under 9 min miles because I was dragging a little on my first mile. I try not to take my treadmill paces too seriously, but using it for motivation to pick it up a bit this morning was necessary. Yesterday was a lot of this feeling:


I swear he has facial features, they just don't photograph all the time. 

I just realized that today is my two year anniversary of my first marathon! The BFFs and I ran our first 26.2 in Portland in 2013 and I loved it. I hope there are many more marathons in my future. 

Just some confirmation that I have been nuts since the beginning. 

PDX was great. We had great weather, all 3 of us got to see our families on the way down and had cheer squads, plus we did it! That day has come in handy for all three of us when needing to pull on some previous strength. Maybe someday we'll have  to go back and give that course another shot. 

Hope your week is off to a good start. Tonight is Aerial in my new official class, fingers crossed I haven't forgotten everything!