Orange you glad you went for a run?


Sorry about these titles, I just, I don't even know. 

After work yesterday I took Mira for another mile and I'm so glad I did. She started off at a good, even pace unlike the day before when she pulled for the first 2 minutes and then I pulled for the rest of the run. She seemed to know what to expect this time and did a lot better. Still wanted to get home, but had a lot less fake sniff stops and struggle. Now if only I could see that much improvement day to day in my running!  

10/29: 3:06 miles, 8:54 avg pace (1 outside with dog, 2 inside on treadmill) 

I wasn't planning on running the last two miles when I got home, I assumed I would be too tired to finish the 3 total miles on the calendar. But once I warm up I guess I can trick myself into anything. I'm glad I went, but am still struggling with motivation. Only one more long run until the half and then I can evaluate my attitude. I was pretty happy though that my outfit turned out unintentionally halloweeny.



Is anybody running on Saturday? Costumes???