Double Footlock Straddle and 6

Everyday at work this week I was hoping it was at least Thursday already so I am so happy it finally is. There isn't anything going on this weekend really, I just am dreaming of sleep. SLEEEEP.  I think it may have something to do with the official change in the weather. It feels more likely to be raining than not, an umbrella needs to be in my purse at all times, and it is dark at about 6:30.


10/28: 6.04 miles, 8:56 avg pace

Last nights run was a combo of 1 mile outside run with Mira and 5 miles inside afterward. I feel bad that I've let her get so out of shape! She's a husky and it is her destiny to be a runner, I've let her become a couch potato. This dogs loves the couch more than any other I have met. She will yell at us to make room for her if we're taking up all the space and of course we oblige. We will never be able to have nice furniture if only because of the layer of fur covering everything. 

 Don't worry, she's fine, just very dramatic sometimes. 

Don't worry, she's fine, just very dramatic sometimes. 

Aerial on Tuesday was pretty good, we had a recap week going over what we have learned so far. The biggest struggle for me is remembering the sequence for the double foot lock straddle up on the silk. There are a lot of left and right reaches/grabs of the silks behind my head (okay, maybe one) that I just can't remember the order of and it kind of screws the whole thing up if you switch them. I got to practice it a couple times and it seemed to get better, but still needs a lot of work. My straddle climbs felt a little better this week, something clicked on the reaching part that actually makes it a climb instead of just hovering near the ground and sweating, so that's progress! Here's a demo of the double foot lock straddle from Aerial Physique:

I need to watch and rewatch this video before next week so I can internalize it for good. Hope you guys are having a great week so far!