Aerial 1/2 Recap: Week 5 (?!)

I had the best kind of dream last night. I woke up and remembered most of it so I'm writing it down before I forget. There was an meteor shower in the dream that I was watching through a restaurant window and one hit the lawn right outside causing a giant fire in my old college town where I was at the time. To put out the fire that filled the entire rocky valley (my dreams are never geographically accurate) the city flooded the place and we were all run up the hillsides in the snowy/summer weather. I hiked to a cabin with a group of people and then hiked solo toward Chicago. Just an fyi - my university was in the North West. According to my map in the dream, Chicago was a mere 5 miles away. I made it about halfway and stopped at an Air BnB cabin where I raided the fridges that had a bunch of breakfast sandwiches and Klondike Bars. Then Scott Jurek showed up and sweetly scolded me for eating animal products, even in the apocalypse dreamscape, and so I settled in for the night sans ice cream sammy. The next day I hit up a grocery store, tried to find friends to stay the night with in old college town, and cut someone in the checkout line. All in all it was an amazing dream. 

Okay, now for the Aerial stuff. Our class was only 3 people last night which although quiet, was pretty nice. We ran through our standard climb and straddle climb, on vertical. On low trapeze we did some Catcher's Beats and basket --> sitting --> standing --> tuck holds on the high bar.

Where I struggled this week was again Back Balance on the rope from Catchers. This thing is so hard and my wrists feel like they are just hanging on for dear life. Also, the whole balance part of it is still me slowly rolling onto the mat instead of holding in any way. This move will take time and more time and more time. I still don't have it pictured in my head. Where I actually had some success this week was in a new climb we learned called Bicycle. I did it on fabric both times instead of rope, so I'm curious to see if that changes how I feel about it next week. 

Stolen from YouTube here. I don't know who this guy is but I like his pants.

My back is a little sore today and I think it is from trying all my straddle climbs and straddle ups on my right side. I attempted a left side once or twice and then just completely blanked on where I went from there, and then collapsed. I'm happy to say though that my hip key is something I feel mildly comfortable doing on both sides, so yay! We also learned a new move on the trapeze - The Amazon. I liked the actual hold but getting out of it was ugly for me. The below picture is with a neck hold, we did mostly a shoulder pit hold to start. 

 Stolen from  here . 

Stolen from here

I'm hoping I can get in more conditioning this week to help next week go better. If I can just last longer on the climbs and get my grip strength up, I can actually spend more of the class practicing instead of just standing and catching my breath after each round. Anybody have a rope I can climb?