A 5k and Just Eat It

My schedule is  a little off this week, but I'm trying to be flexible and not worry about it. This morning I got in a quick treadmill 5k instead of running yesterday after work. I have 8 miles on the plan for my longer run this weekend but I usually take a full day of before a long run. We'll see tomorrow if running the day before makes any difference in how I feel. I'm guessing I will just slow it down a bit and take it easy. That is was long runs are for though, right? 


10/2: 3.1 miles, 8:07 avg pace

Last night instead of going home to run after work, we met up in Capitol Hill to grab dinner before a movie. It was a really nice fall evening to be walking around and staring out the window. I made him get out of the way so I could take a picture of the leaves behind him. Still working on my photography skills. 


After dinner and beers at Elysian we walked over to the Northwest Film Forum and saw Just Eat It  about a couple who only eats found and expired food for 6 months. It was really interesting to see how it worked for them and just how much food was always available. The guy actually gained 10lbs over the course of the project. I didn't know when I bought the tickets, but there was a discussion group afterward. That is really not my forte, but it was fascinating to see people react. There weren't too many people in attendance, but it was still a good experience and everyone has some interesting things to say. I recommend this movie if you are at all interested in the food industry, the environment, or the economics of our food supply. This was the first screening here in Seattle, so hopefully it comes to you in your area, or Netflix eventually!

PS TGIF y'all! What do you you have planned for this Saturday/Sunday?