10 Mental Miles

After Wednesday's 6 mile run I felt a little stiff and achey the next day. There was a little lingering soreness from aerial on Monday and I have just been feeling a little ragged this week. I had 4 miles on the schedule for Thursday but decided that I better give it a break since things were not feeling so hot. I thought maybe Friday would have my legs feeling better but I woke up and walked to the bus with them feeling even worse, specifically my left knee and hip. I was pretty nervous about today's long run with the way things had been trending. I have also been eating a lot of garbage food over the last few days so there was some hesitation to leave the house because, you know. It was a little bit of a mystery how this morning was going to end up.


10/17: 10 miles, 9:18 avg pace, 1:33 total time

The first few miles were pretty slow and took way too much mental power to get through. I was thinking before I left the house that if I wasn't training for this race I would NOT be running this morning. It took about until mile 5 this morning for that to come back and hit me. I was struggling to get in my happy running zen place. I was thinking about how terrible I was running, how slowly and sloppy, and that this race was going to really be tough to get through, especially compared to my previous race times/efforts. It was kind of an eye opener - I'm really struggling with my slower paces and that I am not where I was athletically the last time I ran an official half (um, Jan 2014?). I really really don't want to run my slowest half.  I think I just have to let that go and enjoy the running if I want to keep running without major mental problems or completely blowing up my legs. I am still working through some lingering injuries and I need to not be afraid of what that means for my times. (Please note I was never very fast, just microscopically faster than I am currently.) After about the halfway point this morning I decided to slow it down, look around, and try and enjoy what was left of the run at whatever pace. It turned out to be a beautiful morning and started to rain on my windshield only after I got in the car to get back home. Overall a successful 10 miles complete. Also, I'm not going to worry if I don't get my 4 miles in tomorrow. If my legs feel okay I will give it a shot, but if not I'm not going to risk it. 

Now I'm going to take a cue from these clowns and chillax, after rinsing out the deep conditioning treatment of course. 

 How we roll post-run. 

How we roll post-run.