Night in the Park

Last night I took my evening run to the park and I think it was my last mid-distance outdoor post-work run there for a while unless I get a better headlamp and bring a dog. There were plenty of people so I felt completely safe, but I did catch myself sprinting through the shadowy tree portion of the loop on my last lap. It felt very Halloweeny. 


There is a mountain in the distance out there, I swear. It was a really nice night, mid-50s and just some wind coming off the north end of the park off the water. I was a little sapped of energy from work during the first few miles but my fear of the dark and small animal noises got me through the last half. 

10/14: 6.03 miles, 9:12 avg pace


Thank goodness it's Thursday. I am absolutely ready for this weekend and some sleep. I have been feeling borderline with my immune system lately with everyone at work getting very sick, me not sleeping enough, and not getting enough green vegetables. I did have a weaksauce and very over priced salad for lunch to try and get some veggies today but I think I am in need of a serious broccoli session. I feel like it's my superfood yet it has been replaced with the kit-kats that are too accessible at work lately. I've managed to power through my runs the last week but I think they would be much better if I was running on some better food. 

What are your plans for the weekend?

What's your power food?