The Half Failed Challenge and Spider

Remember last week when I challenged myself to do some aerial conditioning 4x before class the next week? I honestly thought 4 times would not be that hard, just tack it on to the end of each run. Unfortunately somedays my schedule is pretty tight and after Sunday's long run and all of the laziness that was Saturday, I missed it by one day. Also, I couldn't always get my hands on my assisted pull-ups assistant, so I was definitely short on that part. Here is the original challenge:

25 V-Ups

25 Push-Ups

 10 Pull-ups (assisted after I can't do anymore on my own), and

20 arch/hollow bodies

Also, just re-reading this list I completely forgot about the arch/hollow bodies all 2 out of 3 times. Oh my god I am terrible at this. 

Last night at aerial was going to be the test to see if I felt any better during the class than I did the week before. I think I felt better overall this week than I did last week, so I'm going to vote yes for the between class conditioning! I'm only partially failing myself on this since I think I did reap some benefits even though I didn't make my goal. This week I'm actually going to try and complete the challenge, haha. I feel like some of my straddle-ups were easier (not easy, just marginally easier than before) and I strategically planned my energy a bit better. Our first rotation included a regular rope climb but 2x without landing on the ground first. I didn't think this would be that hard, but my forearms were burrrrrnnning after. I spent the remainder of the class trying to stretch them out and searching my brain for good forearm exercises. Also, my grip stinks by halfway through the class, especially on silks. This sounds like a case for Google. 

We learned a new climb called Spider Climb and it was pretty fun to try. This one gets a little frustrating though when you are slipping as much as you are climbing so it turned out to be a very slow climb for me. The nice thing is you end in a straddle and can get into other moves from there instead of doing a straddle in mid-air. 

On rope we also reviewed Straddle Climb, Back Balance from Catchers, and Straddle Climb to Hip Key which I am really pleased that I got better this time. I tried it in the middle of class instead of the end when I am completely toast and was able to get it on both sides. 

On silks we practiced foot locks to Man in the Moon and Iron Cross. I really enjoyed both of these, but sometimes get a little mixed up on the which silk to hold on to. We also practiced Russian Climb and Straddle Climb on silks as well. Side note - am I supposed to capitalize these moves? My aerial vocab and lack of grammar skills are not marrying well. 

Do you have any favorite arm and upper body exercises I can steal?