Beauty Empties

I'm always incredibly jealous of the beauty bloggers out there who document their empties. There is something so gratifying about finishing a product completely, scraping out the dregs of the good moisturizer and then preparing to replace it with a fresh one or move on to something completely different. I've been trying a bunch of new stuff that is finally coming to that glorious end and am detailing it for my own record so I know what was good or bad, and why.  


Clinique Repairwear Uplifting firming cream:  

I received this as a sample while I was using a drugstore moisturizer with SPF 30 as my daily that I wasn't in love with because it was only lightly moisturizing and left a white sheen as some sunscreens tend to do. This was a nice change since it seemed to absorb quickly, had SPF 15 at least, and left and iridescent glow instead of caste like the sunscreen. It didn't do much in the way of repairing or firming anything, but was good as a daily moisturizer overall. Who knows, maybe now that I'm done my face will droop to the floor because it really has been firming this whole time.

SeaExtend Aquage silkening oil treatment:  

This, ladies and gentlemen, deserves a post of its very own. I have never finished a hair product. I believe this is because I don't actually know how to use any of them, but this one made it simple enough to do so I did just that. I put a pump in my palm (lol), rubbed my hands together, and worked this in to my ends. It was easy to put too much in, and one day I ended up with a very sleeeeeek ponytail, but when I used the correct amount it defrizzed and hydrated my crusty blonde hay hair. It smelled great too, like a good hair serum should, so while I may not repurchase because there are just too many products to try in the world, it was definitely a win.

Le Labo bergamote 22 & rose 31: 

I love perfume and I love Le labo. I thought I would never want to stray from my Santal 33, but then I went and got some samples and my worldview has changed slightly. Bergamote is lighter and fresher for summer, and this rose smelled just like the tres chic women I walked behind in Paris along the Seine and stood next to on the metro, not like stuffy old people's attics like I was worried all rose perfumes would. Thinking really hard about purchasing one (or both?!) of these, or somehow finding a never ending source of samples because this shit is not cheap, especially in the mass quantities I would like to be using it in.

Lancome Tonique Confort:

I had been toying with using witch hazel as a toner when this happened into my routine and I'm glad it did. It's a little less drying than the WH and does the toning job, helping my pores look a little less like deep pits of yuck, pretty well. Skin felt prepped and ready for serum after using this. The packaging is a little granny and the smell is nothing to write home about, but I may actually repurchase if I don't research any other toners marketed as less drying. It is a little thicker than the WH which I didn't like at first, but got used to and now appreciate.

Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster: 

Love. This booster, in addition to the dry powder cleanser you can pair it with as well, were the reason I didn't wear any makeup on vacation. I would cleanse with the powder packets, add this to my repairwear moisturizer, slap on some mascara and a little rouge, and head out for my adventures. It evens skin tone, leaves a glowy shine, and I swear made me look a little more tan without the sun damage. Now that my repairwear is dunzo, I've been mixing with La Roche Posay spf 50 for my face and it's been working even better I think. The booster is kind of fun the way you break open the fresh vitamin c inside and keep for a week, but I've managed to make mine last (unintentionally) longer than the week. Potency is supposed to go down after 7 days but I haven't really noticed that too much this go round. My only downside is the price since this is just an add to my routine, not replacement, but since this removed my need for makeup/foundation, I guess you can justify the budget swap. I'm going to let my current one run out and see what happens, if all hell breaks loose I'll probably try to get my hands on some more.

Olay Age Defying Anti-wrinkle Night Cream: 

I bought this trying to find a more budget friendly replacement for my Philosophy night cream. Since it doesn't have retinol it wasn't as "miracle working" overnight, but it did the job through the dryer winter months. This in combination with my Advanced Night Repair has meant happy skin at night, so I'm not complaining. If I stumble upon a night cream in the next week I'll probably try something new, but if not this is a worthy item. Some very beautiful, very hydrated older women use Olay so I can't discount that. Only a slight granny smell, but light enough to not bother anyone in my sleeping chambers.  


And with that we have my first round of empties! I've been reading and ingesting a lot of beauty/skincare and makeup blogs lately, so send any recommendations if you have them. Yay beauty! Also, I started using my Snapchat more for new products, so check that out if you are interested. I think my info is somewhere here on the blog....